Our Mission


At Earth Glow Masonry, LLC we aim to provide the most environmentally sound, efficient, and safe heating systems we can. We also strive to enhance the aesthetics of our built environment at the most affordable price possible. We sincerely believe that masonry heaters can fulfill these needs for many of us.

What is a Masonry Heater?

Masonry heaters are a simple and elegant solution to heating your home. These heaters were developed and perfected in Northern Europe over hundreds of years. They burn wood quickly and efficiently eliminating pollution and creosote problems.

Masonry heaters absorb the heat from the fire, storing it in the brick and stone that they are made of. This means the flue gasses from the chimney are cool enough to greatly reduce the chances of chimney fires. The heat stored in the masonry stove radiates into your house for 12 to 24 hours after the fire has burnt out. This eliminates the need for stoking and keeps the indoor temperature much more stable than a cast iron wood stove can.

Along with heating your home, many masonry heaters have a built-in heated bench—the perfect place to sit and warm up. A heater can also include a bake oven, great for making good old-world breads on a stone hearth, pizza, or anything else you can dream up. In addition, the heaters can be designed to heat water for domestic use including showers, dishes, baths, etc. With these additional functions, the masonry heater truly becomes the focus of the home.

Lastly, these handcrafted heaters require no electricity and are built specifically for the heating and aesthetic needs of your home, new or old. Masonry heaters are a fusion of function and beauty.

Thank You,

Xander Waters