Links - Masonry Heater Association of North America.

Log and Stone, LLC. - The website of my friend and teacher, Jeff Kuczmarski

Local Artisans and Craftspeople:

Woodspirit - April and Jarrod Stone-Dahl, Skilled in the crafting of black ash baskets, traditional snowshoes, birch bark canoes, wooden spoons, toboggons, log homes, and timberframe houses. They also teach great workshops in many of these areas.

Chisel Craft Timber Frame INC - Timberframes, post and beam construction, log homes, and green building.

Clancy Ward - My friend Clancy is so much more than just a timberframer. He can build anything with wood, and everything he builds has the authenticity of craftmanship.

Steffenson Carpentry - Bayfield's Green Remodeler/Builder, Jim Steffenson has years of construction experience, starting as a carpenter's apprentice in 1978.

J. W. Swan Boatworks - Building and restoring fine wooden boats and canoes.